24: Redemption

In tradition to my much admired 24 publications, here the Redemption (LOL!) movie in numbers:

I/we don’t have time: 3

Carly Pope underwear scenes: 1

landmines defused by Jack: 0

heroic deaths by minor characters: 1

Jack gets all teary eyed to show his humanity: 1

people killed: 20

people killed by JB: 12

explosions: 5

Jack knocked out: 1

Jack taken prisoner: 1

torture scenes: 3

tortured by Jack: 0

Jack himself is tortured: 1

helicopter scenes: too many to count :P

(all numbers list only on-camera events, naturally)

random facts

I don’t have time (to explain right now) is triggered for the first time after roughly 33 minutes.

At 37:27 Jack aquires an AK-47.

At 39:14 Jack is knocked out, but of course he’s only taken prisoner.

The UN is again portrayed in the most negative way, because their representative in this movie is a complete idiot and pussy mixed in with some severe douchebaggieness (and at the height of his unlikeable behavior it’s stated that he’s UN). How hypocritical that is isn’t explored, for the US, portrayed by the President, is trying to do nothing too (staying neutral/inactive is what is held against the UN with this dude as the vehicle). Also the main guy, deciding who may enter the embassy, is a major asshole.

Chloe, the Geek-Nina, isn’t in this film (WTF?!?).

Text never spoken before on 24: Everybody hold hands (Jack literally says it while escorting the kids to the embassy)!


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