Hitman: Absolution

I just have to ask – has Square money troubles? It seems like they have all their games on sale like every week right now. I just bought this for -80% on Steam and now it’s on Humble. Well played guys!

HA opens up right away very triple a-ish, everything and especially the cutscenes look rather impressive and are generally fun to watch. There are several levels that take place in larger areas amongst crowds of people. You literally don’t see that in many such 3D games. This is so rare! Even true open world games (GTA/Sleeping Dogs) usually don’t have so many character models walking around simultaneously.
The level of detail is also very intense, in all the missions/levels/areas. The graphics have so many, even tiny, details, that the player can always catch at least the glimpse of something. Not many games pull this off.
The rest of the content made me sometimes feel a little let down, because there isn’t really much of a story or anything else going on. This clearly isn’t Deus Ex with its emails and news bits and pieces everywhere, that also tell stories to complement the world the player is in. No, HA is not that type of game at all, but it doesn’t want to be. Here the pure game mechanics are the main event. Sneaking, being stealth, finding the smartest way to complete the mission. This is where players will be divided. I personally prefer much more the Deus Ex type of experience. The game mechanics are robust enough and are appropriate for the HA gaming experience the devs must have intended, but I can’t keep myself from thinking that the game could have been a lot better, if the levels would have contained more than just hostiles to evade or take down. The only thing except that, is to collect “evidence”, but this will only grant points and not even have a short text giving an idea of what this evidence might have contained. It’s a mere gameplay device and collecting one single piece of evidence therefore doesn’t differ from collecting any other – nothing can be learned from them, or done with them.
The campaign has a decent length of about 20 hours and I haven’t played any of the contracts so far. I feel like I have to try this at least once before uninstalling. All the ~100 DLCs sold for this game are also only available for the contract part of the game and are absent from the campaign completely – as I had to find out when I started playing.
I have never played another Hitman game, so I unfortunately cannot compare, I only heard this one played somehow different than the earlier titles.
It’s also another case where I’m seriously asking myself if some of the Steam features aren’t going too far, because the game displays the scores of other people from a player’s friends list at the beginning of every mission. I don’t want to know that other people have 10 times the score in the same mission! :P Besides, I bet no one was aware that it would be handled this way. It’s probably deep inside the user agreements somewhere, but obviously no one ever reads those. ;)


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