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I somewhat already talked about, how GoT ultimately just turned out to be yet another one of those stories, in which it is kind of okay to have a light conversation about “revolution”/a new or different world, but absolutely not okay to then actually do (anything about) it. Reducing the entire message of the show to nothing more/else than the formulaic “only villains try to change the world”.

While the whole setting supposedly is focused on “grey” characters, it still always had it’s characters, that were clearly supposed to be the good guys, the characters the audience was supposed to root for. The biggest of them, initially, obviously was Ned Stark. So in the first scene we see Ned Stark sentence someone to death (who was telling the truth about the white walkers on top of it) and behead him himself. He is even almost outright praised for carrying out the sentence himself. No one ever gives him any shit for it. Is it even mentioned, that Ned was wrong to do it, once the survivors find out the executed guy was telling the truth about the undead? Of course not. Stennis has his own daughter murdered and Davos (another good character) doesn’t even speak ill of Stennis because… Uhm… Instead he gives 100% of the blame to the red woman, none of it to the girl’s father. The list goes on and on.

Jon, obviously another central “good” character, continues this trend by beheading people who refused to carry out his orders. He also hangs a kid. No one ever gives him any shit for it. This is seen as completely normal by all other “good” characters in this world. Since GoT begins like this in its first scene, it’s fair to say this is established as the societal norm in Westeros.

And yet, for some reason, Daenerys has these advisors up her ass from the get go, who always warn her not to do certain things, although there is zero reason to even mention it. No other character on this show has to put up with this shit. It’s like circular logic. It’s especially idiotic, since Daenerys does do what her shitty advisors tell her, season after season, although they get her dragons killed, her allies murdered and her armies decimated. And despite being such complete failures as advisors, these sons of bitches still manage to criticize her for… doing what they told her to do almost all the time? That’s crazy. These advisors also never really present a plan on how they are supposed to win without using violence. They are literally getting themselves killed. The proper move (for Daenerys) would have been, to get rid of all these losers, when she still had her support from the Iron Island, Dorne and Highgarden.

Another, impossible to overlook double standard for D is, that all the other characters, who got killed, made crucial mistakes. They all would have made it, if they hadn’t been such dumbasses. Ned Stark tells Cersei he knows about her children, he trusts Littlefinger, he doesn’t run when Renly does. What did he think would happen?!? Same goes for Robb Stark. If he married Frey’s daughter, like he promised, he wouldn’t have been betrayed and so on. But D? Well she’s a Targ, so it doesn’t matter what she does, those are CRAZY. It’s GENETIC. Don’t you get it? So what’s really the message here? What’s the point? Tyrion and Varys were the dumbest characters on this show by far, post Season… 5? But this makes Varys look even dumber. Why did he even go there to “help” her, if that’s the circular logic he was subscribed to? The End. :D

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