This game is one of a kind. Kinda. Always wanted a sequel, but I guess, like most great games, it didn’t sell well enough to warrant one. It’s like a curse. At least Arkane itself is still kicking. And all their games are (still) pretty good. Arx Fatalis is their only game I never played. Maybe I should get it… There’s also this Arx Libertatis mod (?) I’ve been hearing about… Anyway.
After all these years I wanted to play it again, so I started in March (I think) and, as it so often goes, I stopped for several months. When I tried to resume it, the game no longer worked. Luckily I kept trying and thus found out it was the AMD drivers again, although this time no media outlet reported on it. Kinda worrying to consider how many older games might be broken at any time. It was really confusing to have a game work one day and be incompatible the next one. But what matters is that I finished it despite such interruptions. Although I played Thief when it came out, I don’t think I really got the significance of the Garrett reference the first time I played Dark Messiah.
Glad I’m not the only one remembering it fondly.
Wanted to add this months ago, glad I’ve put this behind me. :P

PS: The only other screenshot I have floating around, is a random one of Leanna. Maybe I should have done one of Xana instead. :D YES I KNOW THE NAMES.


Just finished The Final Station and its DLC The Only Traitor. It’s one of these games that are short and powerful (I played the game for 6 hours and the DLC for 3). The story is a little bit as if it was written by Damon Lindelof, lots of mysteries and questions without resolution and payoff – but I liked the game anyway. TFS is about a conductor, who travels through a wasteland – nothing too convoluted and it works.
The game mainly consists of 2 parts, one is aboard the train, maintaining it and taking care of its passengers, the other is about getting off the train at certain stops and exploring the dangerous landscape for codes that unlock the next route and rescuing possible survivors.
The game was quite immersive for me, I finished it in two sessions. I didn’t want to stop and always wanted to see where the journey would take me.
The only thing I really didn’t like, was how I often couldn’t follow the conversations, the survivors had on the train, at all. While on the train, I had to run around to keep everything operational (and everyone alive), which made it difficult to read/see all the text. The devs must have noticed this, because they changed this bit in the DLC. In this newer part of the game, the player has nothing to do except follow the conversations, while those occur.
I should probably start digging through my Steam lib to uncover more gems like this. :)
Before I forget, I was a little bit reminded of The Silent Age while playing this. Or after playing this. Their tone and mood is similar. Another good game.

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