Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart

After the less then perfect Origins, I had no expectations for Cold, Cold Heart, especially when considering that it was an already well-known story. I think I saw Mr. Freeze’s origin story the first time in Batman: The Animated Series. And surprise: This version is pretty much identical.

The previous games covered so many things to such a degree, that it doesn’t really feel as if they’ve managed to do anything new since then. I liked the beginning of Cold, Cold Heart, that has the player control Bruce Wayne (without his suit on), when I realized after a few seconds that this was exactly how Arkham City started. It didn’t spoil the fun, but it did reinforce the feeling that too much now only feels like a rehash.

This DLC has enough nice bits despite all this, and it’s certainly not one of those DLCs that make you feel like an idiot for buying them, because they only contain recycled parts. This adventure feels a little bit planed from the start though, there is this rather nicely designed location, “My Alibi” – a bar that was already accessible in Origins, but not much was going on there. It felt like a waste, to have such a cool location and then it’s hardly used. Cold, Cold Heart certainly remedies this.

I liked the new suit and the burning batarangs sure look swell. It was great to see Batman adapt to the new situation. Sadly I forgot to check how long it took to complete it, but it felt like a proper adventure, a nice mini-arc. What disappointed me, is that some of the same bugs are still in the game, the original had (sometimes during “flight” Batman’s cape starts flapping around like crazy, I wish I had made a video of this, because sometimes it’s a lot worse than this). At least it’s nothing too bad that happens a lot…

At the end, other than in the Harley DLC from Arkham City, the area stays accessible to still collect the items that can unlock certain gadget abilities, but with nothing left to do to use these tricks on, it wasn’t motivating enough for me to actually do it (so I guess it officially lacks the pull City had, that made me collect everything). I wish they had managed to simply include this DLC into the existing map of the main game, but given the little bugs every here and there even without such stunts, it probably wasn’t in the cards. If they ever come around to release a GOTY version, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to merge this DLC with the main campaign, like The Missing Link was merged with Deus Ex: Human Revolution when the Director’s Cut version came out.


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