Over 9 Months Later

The .NET Framework Assistant 1.0, which is added automatically to Firefox by .NET 3.5 SP1, is still news – more than 9 months later! Check the dates people! Anybody?!?
It’s quite shocking – that so few people read this awesome blog. Because then they’d known. But NOOO. They rather stick with other sources. See what this does to you. Serves you right! :P
However, it also exposes, in which long cycles (aka fucking NEVER) Windows users update their rigs. Astounding, though maybe not very surprising. I always suspected. Most malware on the Internet would never make it out of its producer’s machine, if people would simply update their ancient software. At least once a month, maybe?


  1. 1 bing back the porn « adrift

    […] they’ll bring a fix for this in 9 months. If not or until then: […]


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