Damn Yokels

I noticed a lot of people, who immediately went to see it, claimed suddenly they didn’t like the film at all. And I couldn’t help but think: None of the people, who didn’t like The Dark Knight, waited for this movie since they saw Begins. But that’s what mainstream is – people go to a film because others/peers went too. Not because they know anything about comics or Batman (let alone like any of it) or saw any of the other films (let’s be honest here, if you saw ALL Batman movies, you can appreciate the last 2 even more; knowing exactly what people, who just wanted to see a decent Batman film earlier, had to suffer through) and part one. So how surprising is it, that people who never liked and watched any films made after comic books, didn’t like this film, that was made after a comic book too? It’s a complete joke. Mainstream however, would never make that connection – going to see the film, because that’s what everyone else does too, completely overrules the realization that they’ll dislike this film, just like they hated everything else in this genre for their whole lives. That doesn’t make TDK a bad movie, being disliked by people who only have contempt and ignorance for this scene anyway (they should go see Star Trek, I bet TDK haters would love that one). If anything, they should think about what it tells about them, going to see a movie mainly because one of the actors died (this is also why people declaring TDK mainstream are wrong, because without these special circumstances the movie would have attracted its usual audience only).
Although I liked TDK myself and got the sequel I wanted, Begins always seemed the bigger movie to me. In comparison to part two it’s a lot about philosophy and I can watch it again just for that. It’s a lot about the reason why he is Batman, why he needs to be Batman and that in the end, he didn’t choose to become Batman, but rather accepted that he IS Batman. There was no other way to deal with the situation and seriously, it can’t become much cooler than that. So it’s only natural that masses would stay away from that.


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