Enkindle THIS

I have a bad feeling about this!

Many people seem to wish for a Mass Effect 3, that will simply re-hash the already overused “save the world” theme, while everyone kisses Shepard’s ass for the tiniest accomplishment. I say there’s already way too much ass kissing going on! This “we owe everything to you because YOU are so fabulous” really reminds me of this. It’s fake because, in this case, Shepard really didn’t do most things (especially not completely) on his own. I’d much rather perceive such a hero as someone, who’s basically a catalyst for getting things going. Like Batman didn’t do everything by himself in Batman Begins, since even he’s just one guy and can be only in one place at a time. Through his actions he enabled other people to do their thing (e.g. police/DA). This might seem less glamorous, but doesn’t diminish his actions, IMHO far from it.
Seen in this light, I could really enjoy the story and setting of Mass Effect 2. Not only because it (thus) came over as a true middle of a trilogy (like Empire or Two Towers), no – also because the actual mission was almost “invisible” to the rest of the universe and it’s preparation and outcome wasn’t covered by every news outlet on all the hub worlds. The ending of ME1 was really corny, with Shepard standing there in a supposed “heroic position”. Isn’t that exactly what distinguishes a real hero? Someone who does it anyway, because he’s convinced the mission is worth it? If someone has ulterior motives, like fame, credits […] it’s not really the same. This would lessen the deed, not the mission seemingly being of a minor significance (and I’m not even agreeing with that, stopping the Collectors saves “countless” colonies, isn’t that close enough to the cliché – what else do you want?!?).


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