Dishonored – The Knife of Dunwall

We all know that most DLCs SUCK. Usually they are just crap, in that they are so very short and/or only re-hash known assets while they – of course – cost as much as the original game at 5% of its content.

Anyways – The Knife of Dunwall isn’t like that (the last mission takes place in a previously visited area though – I thought it wasn’t a problem), the levels/areas are as big and interactive as the ones in Dishonored. They kept everything that was good and made more of that. The protagonist this time is Daud, which makes it both a curse and a blessing, that they didn’t change a lot (concerning abilites, equipment and gameplay). Since he is an assassin I was wondering if they would keep the non-lethal option (thankfully they did).

So playing as Daud doesn’t really differ from being Corvo; only his equipment (hands/knife) looks not identical. At least I soon forgot all about not playing as Corvo, which was especially easy, since the PC in Dishonored is always silent (I only missed the heart because of its comments).

Personally I would have preferred a different ending for Dishonored (it felt similarly unsatisfying to me as the “good” ending of BioShock 1) and thus a continuation with Corvo (I wasn’t looking forward to another silent character) – but that doesn’t make these great missions one bit worse.

As far as I know, one more story-driven DLC is expected for this game, if it can still offer some more insight into the fascinating mythologies of Dunwall (we still know little about the Outsider, about Delilah…), I’ll definitely be interested.


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