+Added line of Venus to get rid of the turnstile in Club Confession.
+Added sound to blood guardian summoning and removed a blood trail.
+Added occult item Research text and fixed issue with Heather quest.
+Added library note inspection and restored tree to Leopold Society.
+Improved Gimble to Vandal dialogue and options to get Trip’s quest.
+Fixed volume of Blood Hunt music and active discpline’s durations.
+Fixed beachhouse dog clipping and tutorial guard attacking player.
+Fixed missing blood pack after blood hunt and Barabas breaking out.
+Fixed Nosferatu issue for male blooddoll and warrens spiderchicks.
+Corrected library decal problems and stuff in bloodless apartments.
+Corrected library and Asylum elevator problems, thanks vladdmaster.
+Made Hallowbrook atrium skipable but moved Ra blade there as goal.
+Updated Free View Weapons to plus version and fixed some histories.
+Halved damage of Giovanni ghosts and increased Obfuscator trigger.
+Changed Sheriff’s sword from Brawl to Melee and improved Lily line.
+Delayed quick Nosferatu leaving and improved Pisha leaving issues.
+Moved unused Asian music to Kamikaze Zen and restored Lotus music.
+Forced Skelter dialogue a second time and moved saves to old/save.

Added Nines’ gesture and improved Wong Ho one, thanks vladdmaster.
Removed Beckett warehouse stealth message and sleepers standing up.
Removed visible Pisha victim and improved scary Ocean House sounds.
Fixed tutorial invisible-popups-teleporting and minor text issues.
Fixed sewer sound transitions on SM, Hollywood and Chinatown hubs.
Fixed map holes at Skyeline vent top and Leopold Society sea cave.
Fixed Christopher, Damsel, Gary, Johansen and McFly dialogue bugs.
Repaired possible Ming after Hallowbrook bug and warrens doorblock.
Corrected syntax errors using VTMBedit and fatguys not using claws.
Corrected tilted Hollywood streetlights and removed Asphole block.
Made Steam default folder and added numbers to Empire Hotel floors.
Repaired Grout’s candles and Heather’s clothes, thanks vladdmaster.
Adjusted health bar frame and weapon/discpline highlight graphics.
Hid Blood Hunt flickering with dumpsters and removed sewer copcars.
Restored Giovanni meeting guys and fixed Ocean House model details.

Quite early in the game, the player is forced to make the decision, which one of two characters has to die. I thought that was quite odd. For one, it’s the sole choice of this nature the player can/has to make during the entire game AND it’s so close to the beginning of the game, that the player can’t possibly be already rooting for one of the characters, which thus made me pick someone at random. So every event after that is then called “timeline x”, where x is the name of the surviving guy. Was this done to add more replayability?

I’m one of apparently only ~5 people on earth who really like id tech 5, it feels so refined. IMHO it gives this game the right stuff. It’s all very slick/responsive all the time. There’s this moment when you instantly know which engine a game was created in when you start playing it, even without reading about it beforehand. I like it when that happens. It’s a little bit like coming home. I also didn’t encounter a single bug in my playthrough, which is an incredibly rare event.

The rest of the game does everything I expect an FPS to do. It’s a well oiled machine and it reaches a grade of perfection, where I’d say that it’s no longer possible to still significantly improve the game without redefining what a shooter is and ending up with another/new genre or a more severe mix of several.
The gameplay already contains mechanics like character progression based upon playstyle, which forces players to either adapt new tactics throughout the game or miss out on many abilities. That’s a really interesting concept, because that made me realize that I usually “learn” how to play a game and then stick to it. Games that reward experience points, that can be distributed freely, for completing whatever, never make me switch my habits. Wolfenstein’s system did. Sometimes I would use stealth and another time a gun I had neglected so far (which is more fun ingame than I make it sound here).

Exploration is also very much a thing in this game, because levels usually offer more than just these narrow paths, too many games are now cursed with and hidden collectibles reward observant players. The ride is complemented with (optional) “dreams” of the first Wolfenstein with fitting throwback graphics and it all ends in a scene hat didn’t really satisfy me, but William “B.J.” Blazkowicz probably has to be back anyway, because… the show must go on! The New Order was also the first game I played in some time, that didn’t have a scene after the ending credits, so yeah… don’t wait (unless you want to see all the names, of course). ;)

Now I know, graphics aren’t everything and so on and I often find myself not caring at all, especially if there’s a good story/characters and the like, BUT:

If I’m playing Witcher 2 (2011) it looks like this:


If I’m playing Watch Dawgs… DOGS (2014) it looks like this:

Watch_Dogs 1

If I’m playing Crysis 3 (2013) it looks like this:

If I’m playing Watch Dogs (2014) it looks like this:

Watch_Dogs 2

(Yes, you are guessing the pattern by now :P) Far Cry 3 (2012)

And AGAIN: Watch Dogs (2014)

Watch_Dogs 3

Now, seriously any other “random” game like Bulletstorm (2011)

BioShock Infinite (2013)

or Batman Arkham Whatever (2009-2013)

compared to Watch Dogs (2014)

Watch_Dogs 4

Watch_Dogs 5

Watch_Dogs 6

Please note that all these games, except Watch Dogs (1280×720), are on 1920×1080 on (partially) OLDER HARDWARE (swapped my CPU since then, same graphics card). Watch Dogs is also the only one among these games that requires 1 GB VRAM as a minimum (that’s the texture setting I played it on) all the others can make do with 512 MB or even less. Medium WD settings require 2 GB VRAM and 3 GB for highest. Obviously I couldn’t try those.

Here’s a screenshot of Max Payne 2 (2003)

I can’t stop myself from thinking that it sometimes looks better (or at least the same) than my experience with Watch Dogs. Its system requirements are a graphics card with 32 MB VRAM.

But on the bright side, after moving on to another game, everything else then looks like:

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