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You know, if this wasn’t so much work, I’d do it right (OMG this is probably what BW said about the faces too :D). :P So a short one will have to do.

So as we all know, Mass Effect came out in 2007. So there are pretty much 10 years between this game and Andromeda.

Without further ado, faces from Andromeda 2017:

Now a random screenshot from Mass Effect 2007:

Do I need to comment on this? Do I seriously even need to comment on this? FUCK ME.

Now below an Asari from 2017, please compare her with the Asari from 2007 in the pic above:

WHAT HAPPENED??? Has anyone checked/compared the system requirements for Mass Effect 1 and those for Mass Effect: Andromeda?!? AHHHHHHHHH! Also: TEN YEARS.

Now a krogan from 2017:

And here good ol’ Wrex from 2007:

Seriously, is this some sort of prank?

Now let’s look at another game from 2007, The Witcher 1:


And here’s how that looked 8 years after part 1 in 2015 in The Witcher 3:

Also, please note, that The Witcher 3 has lower hardware requirements than Mass Effect: Andromeda needs to pull this off.

What the hell happened here? The fuck? How is EA’s BioWare division getting away with this?!?



Yesss, it does. :)


Basil Fawlty at your service!



Bruce, Selina and Robin ain’t friends?!? That’s so sad.


Do character like THE classic evil/wicked witch even count as references?


Of course, the Ofieri saying


Aaand Guybrush Threepwood… uhm Mancomb something or other is in the game!


The next reference is about Grim Fandango, another classic LucasArts game! They are apparently huge fans of those like myself… Grim is also one of the games I have a free license for on this very blog


Hobbes, this is obviously about Wing Commander. :)

All in all I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface here, but those are the ones I couldn’t overlook either way. Not surprised their game is this good, given that they like all the right things. ;)

During almost every second of playtime, I thought that Witcher 3 was one of the best games (if not even the best) I ever played and that was before Blood and Wine was released. So I don’t even know what to say at this point. Blood and Wine reminded me of Mysteries of the Sith (I’m aware no one knows what I’m talking about), in that it delivered improvements most other developers would have held back for a sequel instead of putting it into an expansion.
It becomes obvious right away that they took a long hard look at the game and tried to come up with solutions to make it even better. They didn’t “just” go ahead and built more of the same – something that would have already been perfectly fine with me. No, they knew that many of the ? felt like cheap filler content (those ? in Skellige on the water made Velen feel like the more polished part of the game, sadly) and ended up turning almost every ? in Toussaint in a place worth visiting. I’d like to imagine this is what they might have wanted to do in the first place, but couldn’t, because they had to fill such a gigantic game world with enough content so it wouldn’t feel empty.
Even for ? which don’t have anything major, there are now at least some story bits and pieces of what’s going in this part of the world. It’s also often tied to something else, deepening the understanding of events.
The positive surprises go on from there. Bigger bandit camps now have their own boss battles at the end and lead to a cool scene, when Toussaint’s knights take those bases over. This makes it memorable and the player feels more like actually having achieved/changed something.
Abandoned places have gotten a similar tweak, in W3 the inhabitants popped up right away after Geralt killed the last monster, as if they were waiting right around the corner, which is a little silly. Now, Geralt meditates at the end and it is thus suggested, that it takes a little bit more time, until things normalize and the people come back. It makes sense. I just wish Geralt would also regain all his potions/bombs automatically, since he is basically shown meditating.
The quests are good, there is a lot of fun and interesting stuff in there. It is actually not as crazy as I expected it to be, since I suspected they might embrace fanservice a lot more than anyone normally would, this being the very last piece of DLC for W3 and nothing less than the sendoff for Geralt too…
But this is the moment when I always realize that it is possible to complain even about the best games, if you just try hard enough. With games like Witcher 3 there’s just this point, at which one has so much good content, that it is possible to accept that some nice things didn’t happen. W3 was so good, that I could overlook the fact that they acted like Iorveth and Saskia never happened. In a lot of other games this would have pissed me off, but all the rest in W3 was so stellar, that it became acceptable.
Would I have wanted a big party at the end? Of course, but the truth is that bigger is not always better and the ending to BaW is effective and it works. That’s at least as important.
So in the end Blood and Wine is an expansion, that is bigger and offers more than most other games and costs less than half at the same time. It’s really a no brainer. Everyone who played W3 wants to play this too. The bugs I encountered are a joke in comparison to most other games and I expect them to do at least one more patch before they put this game in their archives.

I encountered a few minor ones, only the first one really took me out of the game for a bit.


“The warble of smitten knight massive bug!” This one is basically as good as fixed!/page2


Several times during B&W it happened that texts were in Polish (instead of the selected English language), with the remark “debug” added. :)


At some point Geralt wears a knight’s armor and this heavy armor has an extra sound. Lots of clanking, I guess. Problem is, if I switch back to the leathery Witcher stuff, this sound persists. It helps to unequip everything. After that the sound is gone.

The grandmaster wolven armor has this bonus, that 3 oils can be applied to a sword (I used Aerondight, no idea if that has anything to do with it). At some point I couldn’t apply an oil anymore. The sword wouldn’t display anymore what I had tried to apply. This too can be circumvented by unequipping everything.


Wild Boars were added to the bestiary for a second time during B&W.


Also, a pouch filled with Florens is worth ONE? Really? :P

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (because I usually do that), but overall an awesome experience and a really polished state, for an expansion that is much bigger than what most game devs sell as a full game. :) I’m hoping regardless they are still going to iron out these minor things, because I already see myself playing this again like once every year. :)

PS: I have this painting of Olgierd and Iris in my inventory, but the game won’t let me hang it in my house. WHY NOT?!?


if you are interested in playing any of the following games, leave a comment with a valid email address (only visible to me, will not be published) so I can send you the key.

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Also, I don’t check here every 5 minutes, so don’t expect to receive any keys right after asking. If I haven’t answered after ~2 days, please check your junk/spam folders.

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