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If another show I watch ends like that, I’ll stop watching series altogether and start writing my own stories. And no, I don’t think this was the intention, to inspire anyone to anything. There is nothing good coming out of this disaster.
I’m really glad I haven’t voted for the show yet, otherwise I would have to delete my previous 8-9 before giving it my final 5. Ha-ha.
In the much anticipated finale the story tells quite literally, that, in the end, it’s the best thing to discard every technological/scientific progress mankind ever made, because our souls (=stuff we should believe in instead) can’t keep up with what our minds can develop… In favor of living the simple life without challenging our simple, basic nature (and thus burying any chance it might ever change to the better), which actually was the real problem for everything bad happening in the first place.
How convenient for RDM’s staff that this frakkin technology was developed far enough to make BSG look the way it did (when they could have done it so much better with wood and rocks). If visual effects would still look like they did in the seventies, the series might have had a much harder time to get a greenlight. But who really cares or is even aware that everything cool we can do, does indeed rely heavily on scientific progress… Progress you can neither pray nor wish into existence instead.
While I don’t necessarily think that everyone pleading for this crap should be beaten with a stick all day long, I’m heavily convinced of the exact opposite. The flaws in our nature are what weighs us down, this is the least attractive part of people. Everything astonishing about humans comes from the ideas the mind can create. What this principle embraces, is what led to the dark ages, where women were burned as witches because of their hair color. This is some of the fucking disgusting shit created as a result. Rationality is always the most important goal to pursue – if the goal is to stay clear of the too often experienced alternatives. One would think, that especially a show like BSG, which explored all kinds of madness that filled the void, would understand this.
So if this is the message the story wants to give its audience on the way, it’s outright offensive to me.
But sadly it fits the picture perfectly. Look at Baltar, for example, him being the only scientist on the show and he’s hardly ever doing anything remotely scientific, but is going batshit crazy instead. People only start following him after he fully embraces his broken psyche and not when he’s making sense (and I’m not trying to say he ever did).


You sure this isn’t the place where Amidala & Anakin had their picnic?

Most stupid fact: They didn’t end anything. There is a lot of blabla about breaking the cycle (e.g. Cylons/Humans always ending up killing each other), but if they did anything, they started a new cycle of the same mixture. They don’t defeat the cylons like Cavil, they simply leave them behind. The centurions they had with them are free to go in the end “to find their own destiny” – like coming back at any time they please to finish off mankind. Or joining up with Cavil and his gang, who was left behind to believe, that he was betrayed by Adama and his people. And who has now all the time in the world to prepare his schemes.
Also never addressed: Why would the Cylons need the final 5 to regain resurrection? Are they to dumb to develop this themselves? How come they didn’t backup the plans to build it?
Hera – what was that all about? After everything we learn she wasn’t needed, necessary or otherwise important. The entire mission to get her back was superfluous – for the larger picture (no in general, they could have bargained with the resurrection technology in the first place). Okay her bones are found 150.000 years later. Uh-huh. Because the technology they DID bring with them (like Raptors) made out of various alloys vanished into dust, while bones remain. Right on. Alright! I get it: Fuck science. Quite a route to take for a series, that started with an eye for realistic behavior of space ships etc…
This finale, to me, broke the entire series. I’m not sure I can even enjoy the first episodes again, while having in mind it is “building up” (or at least concluding) to this. This doesn’t feel at all like the series, that started with Adama having this speech, where he raises questions if humanity is even worthy of survival with all its issues still at large.
Also, are we, the viewers, really to believe, that the same captains/fleet, that fought Adama throughout the entire series for every little detail are now happy to give up their entire civilization, throw every useful tech gadget away and just live in the wild? There was uproar over everything else!
All this and I haven’t even mentioned Starbuck… I always expected that several points would be left open, but… The “harbinger of death”. Na, I’m not touching this one.
Oh and god doesn’t like it to be called by this name. Well at least BSG let us know he exists and that his plan was to nuke entire civilizations for lessons he doesn’t exactly tell (while his “angels” only communicate with lunatics) and which will be forgotten a few generations later. BAM.
But RDM is bold, so bold, that he dared to appear in this last installment, instead of choosing any other ep. They guy with the beard. You know who else has a beard? George Lucas. Yes, he did Phantom Menace/Episode I. We’ve come full circle.
But without being too optimistic, this makes it easy to “wait” for Caprica, the now even less needed prequel.
If you didn’t like the text don’t blame me, because there’s a possibility god is really responsible for it.

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