Right at the start the watcher gives the group equipment which is supposed to work “like their tricorders” which would have been unnecessary, if those people were professional Starfleet Officers, who wouldn’t just leave their ship before taking the equipment they desperately need to complete their mission. It’s just the fate of all of humanity that’s at stake here after all…

Then Picard leaves with the watcher and they are like “What the hell is he doing?!?”. This must have been the first time I was feeling what the characters on this show were feeling. I’m asking myself this question most of the time watching this. Especially for a show called Picard, he isn’t usually doing all that much, most people come up with their own ideas and he’s not really leading them for the most part.

Rios, Raffi and Seven go to Brent Spiner’s lab and sabotage drones, which doesn’t tie into anything else and is a completely isolated plot thread. It’s not like anyone sees the drones and they never get close to the mission site. It feels like a throwaway idea, just to keep those characters busy, because they didn’t know what else to do with them. And they also needed the screentime. CBS is paying for ~45 min eps, so that’s what they have to deliver.

Brent Spiner just treats the figurehead of this whole endeavor like trash. Instead of standing up for herself, she let’s him do whatever he wants. He mentions his donations again, that he made with money he didn’t have (because all his funding was cut). She should have just thrown him out. Instead she let’s him walk around unsupervised during such a critical stage of their launch. Did they ever say which organization created this mission? I have no idea.

The watcher didn’t have to die (like Q and the story insists). The watcher wouldn’t have died, if they had just stopped Brent Spiner, who was unarmed, from leaving. I told them right away that this mistake would came back to haunt them. :P Why didn’t they listen? Spiner’s entire master plan is to accidentally run into Renée Picard and poison her with a handshake. His only backup plan were the drones, which they already destroyed. Nothing would have stopped the watcher from just punching him in the face instead, or use her weapon, whatever.

Picard and the watcher are completely alone on an empty set, a huge ground crew should be there. Especially during a launch. There is no security, no nothing. Apparently anyone can just show up there and go anywhere. What did Picard do with the alien body?

They never explained why the watcher just happens to look like Laris. Did they? Did I miss it? I’m not watching that twice. I really think they skipped this, which is pathetic. One random mystery without resolution follows the next.

We don’t even get to see what Renée Picard discovers, because the writers don’t know themselves, how that would have looked like. Just imagine First Contact would have ended without showing the Vulcans. That would have sucked so hard. But that’s how they handle it here, the whole thing the entire Season supposedly builds up to, happens off-camera. We get 2-3 sentences of dialog what she finds and that’s it.

Wil Wheaton (over-acting with the intensity of 10 combined William Shatners) shows up to recruit Soji to never appear on this show again (presumably) and claims that the travelers are behind the watchers, which really doesn’t seem to match the (admittedly vague) description of the group behind them. When John Byrne wrote and drew his comic Assignment: Earth, I’m almost certain that’s not what he had in mind. And not just because those watchers were an invention of TNG and didn’t exist yet during the creation of TOS. But how many times can you say, that they don’t care about the Trek lore. To hammer the ignorance home, they beam away at the end, when a traveler’s one defining quality was, to be able to travel without such technology (The Traveler had certain abilities, like the ability to act like “a lens which focuses thought”, which allowed him to alter space, time, and warp fields with the power of his mind.).

At the end, Q all of a sudden acts super nice and whatnot (and claims he just wanted to do Picard a favor), but he is literally the one who’s responsible for the death of the Laris lookalike (he claims she dies in every timeline, but what would even kill her, since without Q no one is even trying to stop the mission she protects). He is the one who hired Brent Spiner to mess with the Europa mission. Without Q’s interference, BS would have just been in his lab, working on a cure for Soji. But everyone on the show completely forgot about that. Whoever wrote this script, didn’t read the script for the other episode, or forgot all about it. It’s all so terrible.

Picard thankfully and finally asks Q WHY (he did all of this), but instead of answering this central and important question, he just lists some random nonsense, because the writers couldn’t think of a reason outside them having contracts for 3 Seasons of this. And they couldn’t have him say that. I would have enjoyed that bit of honesty though, if they would have dared to do it. Q goes on to add some more random nonsense like he’s going to die alone, but why would he necessarily, since he’s part of the Q continuum etc… Q says “you matter to me”, but again, no why in sight. Honestly, he raises more questions than he answers. That’s just not something I want from Season finales. But then again, who would have expected anything profound at this point.

Outside, Q addresses all of them for one last time and Raffi takes this opportunity to once more demonstrate behavior unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer. John de Lancie shows that he’s a good actor and deserved better before sending them back.

Rios leaves to be on The Flight Attendant. Good for him, he deserves some happiness, after everything he had to suffer through. :P I mean, Picard raises some questions about the timeline and all, the thing they came back to fix, but the doctor is just too hot to leave. So he stays.

Overall, this Season seems to “wrap” most characters (once more Seven and Raffi, characters with 0 chemistry, seem to be in a relationship by getting 1 scene to that effect, like their 1 scene in Season 1), so whatever we haven’t learned about them yet, we most likely never will. So they are like the space tentacles from S1, which just as well might have never happened. With the exception, that these were the so-called “family members” and main protagonists for all 2 Seasons of this show.

Agnes (as the new Borg Queen) requested Starfleet just to prevent a disaster, but when Seven takes command, she just orders the fleet to submit to the Borg, which never would have worked, because it sounded 100% as if they had just been assimilated. The entire rest of the fleet could have opened fire on them at that point. But of course that doesn’t happen, because they blindly accept the word of Seven of Nine (who got field promoted only seconds earlier), another “Borg” and they resolve the entire problem/galactic event in 30 seconds. It also might set up the threat of Season 3, but who knows, they actually might introduce this here and then just forget about it.

In the next scene Vin Diesel and the rest of The Fast and the Furious are back in a bar drinking with Guinan, because nothing is stronger than family™. If only there was any chemistry between them and all this emotional talk about family felt earned. It’s really weird. On an individual level these people (except maybe Raffi) aren’t even unlikable or anything, it’s just that especially those relationships between Raffi and Elnor (or Raffi and Seven) feel so extremely forced. The show just declared the existence of all these relationships without showing them develop in a more believable way. And even in 2 Seasons they could have done it, since lots of screentime went to them just standing around at parties or in bars.

I also have a strong dislike of them just playing the Star Trek music, when something supposedly in accordance with Star Trek values just happened, without them also delivering it through the writing. It just leaves a bad taste behind. They do it several times this episode. On TNG they didn’t have to play the Star Trek jingle each time Picard gave an order, out of fear the audience otherwise would have missed the crew saving the day or something. The stories and acting managed to do all of that on their own merits, the way it should be.

Parts of Season 2 could have made a nice two-parter, if 90% “trash” would have been cut out. So much was just random filler content. But nothing but a 90 minute movie about Picard, making peace with the Borg? Supported by Q? That could have been at least watchable. There are some scenes in this Season, if you would cut them out and show them to someone completely without context, they might actually like them. Ultimately there is just too much content in this that contradicts the lore or even shows open disdain for it. That doesn’t even cover all the elements which are stupid in their own right. All those plot threads that lead nowhere and are forgotten again. It’s so hard to like this. Even someone who knows nothing about Star Trek and therefore can’t be offended by all the lore violations, is still not given a solid sci-fi show.

PS: Did they ever “clean up” all those corpses, that got beamed into the walls inside the Château? :D

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