Yesterday Origins

I know, I know. During Steam sales people are supposed to buy games, not play them… Anyway, many years ago I played Yesterday and liked it (I considered replaying it before starting the sequel, but if I’d do that, I’d never get anywhere). I’d forgotten 75% of it, BUT luckily this sequel was released like 2 years ago. The game is a quite solid, good adventure. The graphics are its highlight. Pendulo games always look perfect. Shocking really.
Speaking of Pendulo, these people need to step up their marketing or something. I never know when they are working on a new game and only ever learn of it by sheer coincidence. Right now they are supposedly working on a game called Blacksad and not even their very own Twitter account is mentioning it. What’s up with that? Having people know about the game long before release is super important. I don’t even know anything, but I know that.
There was one single bug in the game that was angering me and I feel quite strongly that they should have patched this out (but given its 2 year age it’s way past the point where this actually might have happened). It’s possible for red text to appear on the upper left of the screen and who likes to have that over their game? I don’t. I had to figure out what triggers it and how many buttons I have to press in what speed and order for it to go away – mostly.
So yeah, I’m still wondering if they are doing a third one. The game doesn’t necessarily demand it (although I was left with some questions), but then again: I wasn’t expecting a sequel to Yesterday either. :D
They also had a slight story-oversight at the end. Throughout the entire game it was explained explicitly, that 2 people max can use the potion. And then suddenly at the end it’s enough for 3. How did this get past QA? :P


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