The original Life is Cringe/Strange just worked for me. In an entirely unexpected way too. I only wanted to play it because of the time travel stuff, but then I ended up liking pretty much everything about it. Characters, the completely appropriate artsy graphics, the music… I especially liked how lame everyone was. I actually feel a little bit alienated, whenever every character in such a piece behaves like a movie star – that’s not how I remember it.

When I first heard of “Before the Storm” I didn’t really think this was a good idea. The odds even seemed to be stacked against it. Different developer, different engine, different voice actors… So I was quite surprised when BtS turned out quite good too. No one could have asked for it to be as good as it actually is.

So when I played Farewell on Monday, it was the first part of the LiS franchise I didn’t like. It was short, it had bugs, I couldn’t tell why the download was 3,5 GB although the episode was mostly reusing known assets and it failed as a Farewell episode because it was bumming me out. This isn’t what such a Farewell episode is supposed to do. The intent has to be to give people a proper sendoff tied to a positive spin, involving the beloved characters. Even Mass Effect 3 managed to do this quite well with its Citadel DLC.
What Farewell does instead, is end on the most traumatic event in the life of the main character, making this then the last moment with this character. Why do you hate us?


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