STD 1×14

Will Discovery ever have a Captain from its own universe?

This episode continued to reinforce my impression that they gather feedback and have it influence their episodes, which are still in post (which they seem to handle well at least so far, because I happen to like it more and more). They really just seem to address a ton of nitpicks people have or had. I always thought it odd, that they were essentially on (what felt like) an “abandoned ship”. For example, in earlier episodes Dr. Culber was usually alone in sickbay, as if there was no other medical staff on the ship.

In the beginning of this episode, there were almost constantly announcements audible in the background and there were extras everywhere e.g. repairing things… while Burnham was walking around. I don’t think they ever did that to this degree. It was so “intense” that it (again) almost felt as if it was designed to finally shut up people like me. :D There also finally was another medical doctor talking to one of the named characters. :P
I easily can go on listing things they specifically addressed, which I found odd earlier. Lorca for example. I had to ask myself during the last episode, why they didn’t mention Lorca’s fate at all. Well now they did. Although, I thought their explanation was strange. According to this latest adventure, everyone traveling between these universes, also causes their counterpart to be swapped out. Really? I don’t think the mirror-universe was ever explained this way before.

I remember from Deep Space Nine that the counterparts were usually dead, when the protagonists traveled over, but this was primarily due to keeping production costs low. There are even scenes in which Kira meets her counterpart face to face – she wasn’t swapped out so Kira could travel to the mirror-universe…

Also, Admiral Cornwell’s statement, that a lone Starfleet officer could never survive the mirror-universe, might just mean they are keeping their options open. It’s one of the oldest rules, that someone doesn’t have to be dead, as long as their death scene wasn’t shown and it’s silly of Cornwell to just come to that conclusion without any proof. They certainly took their time showing mirror-Lorca’s death, to make it unambiguous. So maybe Lorca will return as some sort of “badass” in Season 5. :P

But enough with the good stuff. :P The episode also added again to what I always perceived as its biggest problem, namely placing it 10 years before Kirk. 99% of problems I have with the show would go away if it just would have taken place ~50 years after Voyager. Minimal re-write necessary. “We” all know that the Federation wasn’t almost completely wiped out by the Klingons just a few short years before Kirk. But that’s exactly what STD is trying to tell us. And if they pull a plot device at the end that negates everything that happened so far, it won’t save anything. :D

PS: The crew deciding to sit with Tyler in the mess hall was a nice Star Trek moment. This too should shut up people who regret STD’s departure from what Star Trek originally was. The same is true for Tilly’s (probably my favorite character on the show) conversation about fighting the darker impulses in all of us. At least they seem aware of this and are trying to give us something. :D


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