I guess it’s time for a little addendum to my major MEA entry. This time I’ll focus on MP. Since I’ve finished the campaign, I played a little bit more of it.

It’s impossible to miss that there are quite a few crashes to desktop. This is worth noting, because I never had those during the single player portion of the game. And I played that for many hours. A lot longer than MP, for sure.

Trying to send strike teams on apex missions usually only results in this connection loss message and throws you back to the main menu, resulting in annoying waiting periods to get back into the game.

Suddenly I was in the dev console. I have nothing against those and often even like them – so it’s fine by me, still – usually those are disabled by default. It really matches the impression, that they shipped a preview build here.

Look at those weapons. Sniper rifles listed as pistols, pistols listed as shotguns…

The bar that highlights the abilities changes its length, so it sometimes doesn’t cover the whole line.

After Origin installed the patch, I couldn’t enter MP anymore and this screen was shown instead.

Once I selected this character, but when the mission started, I had a completely different character, one whose powers were missing (check bottom right). And apparently all the consumables were set to 0 too, although I had tons in my inventory.

It happened several times, that “debriefing” a strike team would lead to a results windows, which could not be closed. Not by clicking on the button, nor by pressing the shortcut. I could only end this deadlock by killing MEA’s exe in the task manager.

Oh and while I think the auto-cover system is a weird choice, I must say I have never seen it done so well. Another callback to Mass Effect 1 I presume (which did it a lot worse). The auto-cover system is one of the few things in Andromeda that actually feel kinda slick. It’s fast and easy to go into cover and it never feels like being glued to anything. I have very ambivalent feelings about this regardless, because I also like being in control, this auto-cover system conditions the player to avoid walking next/close to cover unless they want to use it. It’s something to get used to.

So, what else is new/different? The “promote” option I disliked a lot is gone, characters can’t be named anymore and character cards actually bump up… characters. No longer are those spammed endlessly and all their XP goes into nothingness. Even XP earned by level 20 characters isn’t outright deleted, by pushing up general stats like fast shield recharge, which apply to several characters. Those are really good changes.


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