From Mass Effect to Mass Effect: Andromeda – Faces 10 Years LATER

You know, if this wasn’t so much work, I’d do it right (OMG this is probably what BW said about the faces too :D). :P So a short one will have to do.

So as we all know, Mass Effect came out in 2007. So there are pretty much 10 years between this game and Andromeda.

Without further ado, faces from Andromeda 2017:

Now a random screenshot from Mass Effect 2007:

Do I need to comment on this? Do I seriously even need to comment on this? FUCK ME.

Now below an Asari from 2017, please compare her with the Asari from 2007 in the pic above:

WHAT HAPPENED??? Has anyone checked/compared the system requirements for Mass Effect 1 and those for Mass Effect: Andromeda?!? AHHHHHHHHH! Also: TEN YEARS.

Now a krogan from 2017:

And here good ol’ Wrex from 2007:

Seriously, is this some sort of prank?

Now let’s look at another game from 2007, The Witcher 1:


And here’s how that looked 8 years after part 1 in 2015 in The Witcher 3:

Also, please note, that The Witcher 3 has lower hardware requirements than Mass Effect: Andromeda needs to pull this off.

What the hell happened here? The fuck? How is EA’s BioWare division getting away with this?!?


  1. I think BioWare and EA were so preoccupied with details and using the new hardware to render freckles, blemishes, and so on, that they forgot to check how the whole thing looked as a full face and more importantly, how it animated.


  2. It wouldn’t even disturb me as much, if characters weren’t THE hook of every EA/BioWare game. So simply for that you’d expect them to put extra effort into their representation. But instead you get… THIS. It’s incomprehensible.
    I don’t even want to go into the fact, that other companies did a much much better job years ago…


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