Dreamfall Chapters Book Five

In one single characteristic this game reminds me of StarCraft II – Dreamfall Chapters Book Five actually managed to resolve a story that was also begun 17 years ago. While this alone obviously is so unusual and so crazy, Dreamfall even tops that, because StarCraft’s story was never this complex anyway (and hardly the focus of that game).
It goes without saying that I’m very happy that they decided to give this a real ending and not drag things out even further, I mean SEVENTEEN YEARS. :D Let’s all go completely nuts now! :P

While I’m not necessarily even this impressed by many of the reveals and/or twists themselves (this ending offered), I’m completely blown away by the sheer amount of questions and story threads they answered and gave (at the very least some) closure to. Merely remembering all these bits is an accomplishment by itself. But they really went all out here, they jumped back to stuff, I was sure they would never touch again. This extreme amount of effort towards NOT sweeping stuff under the rug alone, makes this ending unforgettable to me. In a (gaming) world all too often dominated by not having any endings or only typical lackluster ones, this could count as a singular event. I mean, 17 years! Holy *beeeeep* – if there was a hall of fame for such things, this game would now be easily in it.

I was really happy playing this yesterday (directly after its release) and all the many details (if you go look for them) made this ending truly matter to me; it intrigued me enough to make me want to play it again, to experience it in a slightly different manner. I was definitely asking myself what would have happened, if some characters would have had a different fate. I don’t (however) think anyone, who just picked up this game and didn’t play all the previous games in the series, could have had the same experience and reaction to all of this. There is a recap, of course, but watching a short recap is hardly a perfect substitute for playing all the games yourself, over such a long period of time no less.
Thus, this game is yet another positive outcome in my book, among the games I backed on KS. So far I can still honestly say I never regretted using KS.


Dreamfall Chapters Closed, The Longest Journey Ended


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