Blood and References


Yesss, it does. :)


Basil Fawlty at your service!



Bruce, Selina and Robin ain’t friends?!? That’s so sad.


Do character like THE classic evil/wicked witch even count as references?


Of course, the Ofieri saying


Aaand Guybrush Threepwood… uhm Mancomb something or other is in the game!


The next reference is about Grim Fandango, another classic LucasArts game! They are apparently huge fans of those like myself… Grim is also one of the games I have a free license for on this very blog


Hobbes, this is obviously about Wing Commander. :)

All in all I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface here, but those are the ones I couldn’t overlook either way. Not surprised their game is this good, given that they like all the right things. ;)


  1. Hahaha God Bless you CD Projeckt Red… By the way there’s also a Gollum easter egg in the DLC. It’s hilarious, I suggest you find out about it xD


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