W3 B&W Bugs

I encountered a few minor ones, only the first one really took me out of the game for a bit.


“The warble of smitten knight massive bug!” This one is basically as good as fixed http://forums.cdprojektred.com/threads/81181-The-warble-of-smitten-knight-massive-bug!/page2


Several times during B&W it happened that texts were in Polish (instead of the selected English language), with the remark “debug” added. :)


At some point Geralt wears a knight’s armor and this heavy armor has an extra sound. Lots of clanking, I guess. Problem is, if I switch back to the leathery Witcher stuff, this sound persists. It helps to unequip everything. After that the sound is gone.

The grandmaster wolven armor has this bonus, that 3 oils can be applied to a sword (I used Aerondight, no idea if that has anything to do with it). At some point I couldn’t apply an oil anymore. The sword wouldn’t display anymore what I had tried to apply. This too can be circumvented by unequipping everything.


Wild Boars were added to the bestiary for a second time during B&W.


Also, a pouch filled with Florens is worth ONE? Really? :P

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (because I usually do that), but overall an awesome experience and a really polished state, for an expansion that is much bigger than what most game devs sell as a full game. :) I’m hoping regardless they are still going to iron out these minor things, because I already see myself playing this again like once every year. :)

PS: I have this painting of Olgierd and Iris in my inventory, but the game won’t let me hang it in my house. WHY NOT?!?


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