Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut


I kind of owe it to this game to add, that I didn’t run into any further trouble after the rocky start. Their patch really fixed everything that disappointed me at first. I don’t regret finishing it once more.

I’m a huge fan of Wasteland 2, finished it thrice and was really looking forward to playing the Director’s Cut. But my experience with the DC, directly at the beginning, was quite sobering.
It started with the fact that the DC crashes all the time for everyone with an AMD graphics card beginning with the HD 7000 series and everything above. At least they pinned a topic on the Steam forums to keep people informed and even offer a workaround by forcing the game to run in DX9 mode. Given that only AMD users are affected and that this was already supposed to be the final edition of the game and they surely have their hands full with Torment and their games beyond, I have little hope that they will still fix this.
I think that the new inventory isn’t an improvement over the old one at all, I was searching for the radiation suits I was wearing and had to give up at some point. So I looked it up and they simply removed the slot and only the stats will tell if you are wearing any and which ones. The water canteen got the same treatment.
They also added lots of new audio for NPCs, while several bigger characters already had audio for some texts in the original. The first big NPC, players will meet, is Angela Deth. While I was wearing headphones, the new audio is impossible to miss. First of, they didn’t get the original voice actress, or so it seems and someone else is suddenly talking. They kept the original files, so her voice will change several times in the same conversation. The new audio was also only audible on the right ear, while the old audio correctly works on both. That’s really not what I expected to experience at this point.
There were also situations, in which the audio was finished faster than the display of the text and it lead to the same audio being played twice in a row, as soon as the text caught up to the audio, which always seems to trigger the associated audio no matter if it was already played or not.
I also noticed that some settings in the main menu were being reset, no matter how many times I tried to switch them to my preferences. I tried to set the audio to “stereo”, but every time I returned to the menu it was reverted to “quad” again.
Their new font is also a lot thinner than in the original, which was easier to read, I think.
While I was browsing through the skills in the character screen, their display seemed to have a glitch at some point, which made it look like some of them vanished, after opening/closing it a few times it was back to normal.
There was also a problem with the camera sometimes. Using the mouse wheel should zoom in/out, but it was stuck at times and I couldn’t figure out what was triggering it, it was just working again all of a sudden.
And all of the above happened before even leaving the Ranger Citadel for the first time, the very beginning of the game… I’m really not eager to find out if the game will keep going like this if I really start to get into it. It’s not a short game after all.

If the DC didn’t have some really nice improvements (I like the new right click menu a lot, that has team members jump in to use their appropriate skills!), I’d still recommend to anyone to keep playing the original, since most of these problems weren’t there before. They fixed this game quite nicely and there were hardly any issues left.


Oh wow, just a day after writing this, they released a patch:



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