The Silent Age

This captivating game is about Joe, a janitor who just shows up for a normal day at work, but naturally, it quickly takes a very different direction.
Joe is thrown in an adventure that gets too big for him real fast, although it would be for most people, I liked how his remarks reveal him as more of a simple guy.
TSA doesn’t have as much “buzz” as some AAA (although I think it sold like crazy), instead it focuses on fewer elements, but ends up getting a lot out of those. Can’t say it lacked anything.
I played and finished the game in only 2 sessions, it was no problem for me to concentrate and stay with it, for once I found it extremely easy even.
Most adventure games try to be about exploration and story, but here it actually works.

PS: The reason I have only 3 screenshots, is that the game was so immersive, that I forgot to make more.


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