Dreamfall Chapters Book Three

This book didn’t remember 2 of my choices correctly and thus assumed the opposite (they’ve already released a patch fixing this). I hope it was minor stuff that won’t be of any relevance beyond this book (so far that’s what it seemed to be).

I really liked the explanation why Zoe now has a different hairstyle – I never expected it to be something so logical, I then felt stupid for not predicting it on my own.

I still like and enjoy the game a lot, but like Life is Strange, it seems to suffer from telling its story too slow. And I don’t mean by that, that the game has too much dialog, too much text or isn’t using any hectic action. No, this is about it being the third part out of five and not much has happened yet and many elements are still completely in the dark. Imagine a movie that’s almost over and something important like the villain hasn’t even shown up yet. That doesn’t sound like an element that makes for an especially well paced movie, does it? So this, again, has to mean, that they either cram everything in right at the end (hardly ideal), or it will be outright unsatisfying. Really hoping I’m wrong here.

Maybe they are aware of this, because there are long conversations between characters without any possible player interaction, so book three seems to be more about exposure. Choices aren’t a focus either, I think there were two. The ending even outright admits that some of the choices don’t matter, which I thought of as more refreshing and bold than disappointing. This genre has gotten ridiculous with talking about choices and their consequences, when most are rather limited (yes, like budgets).

Because of what I just talked about, I have no idea where this is going and what kind of conclusion I can expect, I just hope it gets one. One scene was a little bit unsettling, because it seemed to set up another character (Hannah) as some sort of replacement for Zoe. It’s not too far out there to consider this, since Zoe herself pretty much replaced April. I really hope they won’t “end” this series by killing/sidelining Zoe and then just start the next with Hannah. This series began in 1999, people deserve a conclusion by… well, for a while now. :P


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