Life is Strange™ Episode 3

So, where can I get this glow in the dark... doll?

Lisa is DEAD. And Max is given Kate’s pet, so I’m guessing I’m supposed to kill that next! :D Can’t save everybody! :P

I have to say for the first time I felt a bit of a “lostian” vibe, meaning there is some seemingly intriguing mystery and more and more questions will be raised (instead of answers given), but there will never be any kind of resolution, especially none that would do justice to the earlier story and its presumed potential.
I’m hoping I’m wrong, but the way the trailer/ads for this episode teased huge reveals and everything, while that didn’t really happen, seems to fit this profile.

However, everything else still fits and I continue liking the game as much as I did when I started playing.

Obviously there is no reason to write something about each episode and it makes more sense to compile one text once all parts are out, but it seems I fell victim to my own joke. :D Also, what else am I to do with all the screenshots I already made?

I really liked how I killed the plant and then realized that the mom wrote a text at the very beginning to water the plant, BUT NOT TOO MUCH EITHER. That was nicely done and it would have been possible to do it all right, if I only paid more attention.

The ending was really interesting and I’m curious as to how they are going to handle this, since I cannot imagine them sticking with it, as it, as I see it, would derail all previous choices and they can’t do that… I would think. Not after showing these summaries of what players did at each end. After all, as Telltale and the ME3 endings in THREE (!) colors proved, our choices matter sooo much! :P

Only 2 more episodes left and then it’ll all be just a memory. Can’t wait. For the next episode.


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