Life is Strange™ Episode 2

Da Dinah

I continue to be impressed by how they make scenes have an impact on me, without forcing me to punish Q and/or E like a madman. I still can’t say that I have a concrete idea as to where they are going with this, but Episode 2 is definitely a satisfying follow up to 1. While waiting for 3, I gladly replayed 2 and still enjoyed it. With the exception of the wonderful TWAU, I have never done this with a TT game. And those really aren’t bad or anything.
This Episode had a few fresh tricks up its sleeve, I thought, I didn’t expect them to play with the rewind power, but they did and it was exactly the kind of smart idea that makes a story/game better. The ending to this Episode was a really powerful moment and I actually cared about the outcome. You can’t demand more.
I just hope that the next Episode will start to reveal a lot more about what is going on and so far was only hinted at. If it’s still going to be extremely vague, they will either have to put everything close to the very end of the season or leave a lot unanswered. While a really intense finale is always welcome, I still hope they choose neither of both paths. Stretching things out a bit more, might turn out to be the bigger boon to the overall season.
It’s a good thing that there are now only a few weeks left until 3 comes out. :)


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