Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller

Falcon Punched

Cognition is about an FBI agent who has to apprehend a serial killer dubbed Cain because she has a conscience. And of course there is more which makes it personal. She’s also blessed with a kind of supernatural abilities, which make her ideal for the job. It’s important to note, that however cliche this might make the game sound at first, it’s not an issue and everything comes together nicely once ingame.
This game was released in 4 episodes, but apart from that, this is a more classic adventure game, which means the player has to use brains instead of only reacting to QTEs (I just lost my one reader :P). There are sometimes also scenes in which stuff happens like people dying, depending on the player’s performance, so it can pay off to actually try to do well…
I thought the third part was probably the strongest (lots of story and reveals), but after my brain merged all the pieces to a whole, I liked it as such. I think this was the first game (or one of the first games) developed by Phoenix Online, so I have to say this was already quite good.
Several ideas in this game are really ambitious, be it the cognition powers that grow and become more and more elaborate during the course of the game or having the player’s actions result in gaining or loosing trust with certain characters. It absolutely shows that even in the adventure genre, that’s typically not seen as the most innovative field, there are still things that can be done to make it more interesting or fresh, even without affecting classic elements such as inventories or more complex riddles.
The tech might not be the most powerful out there, but I never thought it was affecting the experience in a negative way. The art in cutscenes was even very pretty.
A bigger budget might have been nice anyway (yes yes, I know), because some of the characters (especially thinking of Terrence, as a friend of Erica’s, it would have made sense for him to show up again) just vanish along the way and the reason for this surely wasn’t that they had all the time and developers in the world to do them more justice.
I’d really like to play a continuation, but considering how long this game is already out (and I haven’t read anything), I’d better not hold my breath. :( That won’t keep me from hoping though. :)
But on the bright side, I think I’m ready for Broken Age now. :P


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