Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 9.3

  • +Recreated Malkavian Maze and Warrens Shortcut, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • +All four new levels optimized, thanks to atrblizzard and Psycho-A.
  • +Improved library quest emails and restored big moon to Ocean House.
  • +Made tutorial guard and Luckee Star easter egg vanish after scene.
  • +Fixed blood pack appearing in SM haven and Skelter blocking stairs.
  • +Improved library and atrium maps and removed Giovanni well spirit.
  • +Made it possible to do the cemetery quest after getting Romero fun.
  • +Included eye replacer mod, but made it deselectable, thanks Nivea.
  • +Added installer option to deselect casting and changed disciplines.
  • +Corrected beachhouse dog vanishing and dealing damage after death.
  • +Made auto-move and walk/run toggles be definable, thanks to Malkav.
  • +Fixed Johansen always following you and Romero’s whore trying too.
  • +Made it possible to freely select one of Beckett’s new disciplines.
  • +Corrected cabbie sewer animation and Venture Tower elevator issue.
  • Repaired Confession cross and restored dance spot, thanks Psycho-A.
  • Fixed Plaquebearer quest bug and added all concept arts to Extras.
  • Made abandoned warehouse bum leave later if you didn’t talk to him.
  • Removed character sheet music overlaying others, thanks Zer0morph.
  • Fixed three mirrored keycard backsides and centered the area icons.
  • Improved Grout’s wife tube and electronic voices, thanks Psycho-A.
  • Fixed hostess, Boris, Phil, Johansen, Gimble and LaCroix dialogues.
  • Made Empire Hotel TV unreactive and prevented invincible Cathayan.
  • Added museum light, Chinatown newsboxes and fixed minor map issues.
  • Moved Knox/Bertram XP to Knox dialogue and added pics reflections.
  • Fixed walk-through columns at Venture Tower and warrens reflection.
  • Made Igor react to killed allies and heart monitor to dead victim.
  • Stopped several dialogue NPCs staying tranced after being fed upon.
  • Restored two cool unused lines for Knox and fixed Venus money bug.
  • Improved wet reflections and other texture issues, thanks Psycho-A.
  • Showed Carson’s finger and fixed Flynn’s eye clip, thanks DDLullu.
  • Added mod -game loader and improved SDK, thanks Behar and Psycho-A.
  • Improved Blender scripts and added sheet injector, thanks DDlullu.
  • Fixed player in Carson cutscene and unlocked door, thanks Psycho-A.


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