Murdered: Soul Suspect

MSS is, gameplay-wise, between a “normal” game (think e.g. Deus Ex) and an interactive movie such as The Wolf Among Us. There are not as many gameplay mechanics and elements as in the typical PC game and yet it’s not completely on rails as the typical Telltale interactive story/movie is. I suppose some people have issues with such games (there are also tons of cutscenes), I don’t at all (if the story is good/well told). Besides, I knew what I was getting myself into, so there were no unpleasant surprises waiting for me.
As someone who’s so used to controlling games with keyboard + mouse, I chose the gamepad this time and it was the right decision. I thought the gamepad really added to the experience here. Every single time Ronan walked through a wall, the pad would vibrate, which was the perfect use for this feature.
Though there was wasted potential here (isn’t there always?) I wouldn’t want to criticize the game for allowing players to walk around freely – this is really the main difference between this and a TWD game.
Will I play this again? Probably not, but this doesn’t mean all that much anymore, given the endless flood of new (okay or better) games, which prevents playing pretty much anything again. I did enjoy MSS. I would prefer playing such a game over watching TV (the thing with ads people used before the Internet) any day. Certain shows (that were produced for TV) excluded, of course (but obviously you don’t need a TV/TV for those).
If they were to develop a sequel, it should contain more gameplay elements, maybe some choices and optional dialog perhaps. MSS does have a few scenes in which the player can select dialog “options”, but they are all selected in iteration. The next option shows up only, after the previous one was selected, so there wouldn’t even have been any need for different buttons, a single “talk” button would have sufficed. Worse, therefore these instances could have been mere cutscenes just as well. It’s more like a dead mans switch to check if the player is still alive.

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