Life is Strange™ Episode 1

The telltalization of such games cannot be stopped! Grrr! Argh! Anyways, I liked this game, it almost felt as if actual humans with emotions made it. That IS strange! SO strange!
I had more fun playing this game than I had with any of the last typical Telltales, because it comes without ridiculous, artificial tension and annoying button mashing… The Wolf Among Us was the only of these Telltales that I was into a lot anyway (naturally there is no Season 2 in sight…) and it certainly wasn’t because of killing input devices under duress – I guess I’m supposed to go and read the comics as consolation, but that’s another story.
In Life is Strange™ players are allowed to explore and enjoy everything at their own pace. This way everyone can finish this game as fast or slow as they want, which makes it less guided than these quick time event combats are.

I was previously sharing my thoughts on “decisions” in games of these formats because of Dreamfall Chapters, so it comes as a relief that they too have a little different, maybe more interesting approach here (btw: collectible mode is a nice touch). It might not have been on purpose (probably wasn’t), but the rewind mechanic made it seem as if someone was winking at me the whole time at how “important” decisions really are (and I mean by that, that I took it as humor, not something negative). Then again, there seemed to be a nice mix of player actions that would have immediate consequences and those that seemed to set up ones which would only matter long term.

When I was playing Remember Me (their previous game) I already thought that it was such a waste, to simply run past such massive amounts of beautiful and noteworthy artwork and another type of game might make better use of it and they sure as hell aren’t making this mistake this time, so I was instantly curious about LiS™, just for that.
Now I guess there are a lot of not so positive things that could be said about either such interactive stories or the episodic format or even both, but for the sake of this text it will be enough to point out that it is very hard to judge a story by only it’s first part. This first of five episodes seems to lay a lot of solid groundwork for possibly awesome future-stuff, but knowing nothing as to its actual direction, it all could still go tits up just as well. Seriously hoping for the former, of course, I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode/continuation of this adventure.

PS: Yes, they seriously put a ™ next to the name, but other than in Monkey Island™, it’s apparently not meant as a joke. :P

PPS: Where’s the soundtrack at?!?


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