Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Editions

Finally finished my run through all the Enhanced Editions. I was already done with Baldur’s Gate EE and started II months ago, when I learned that they were working on patch 1.3, so I decided to stop playing until it came out. Although waiting is always somewhat unpleasant, it was the best decision. I mean, 37 pages of changes
Anyways, at several points I found myself unable to progress in the game at all, without further work. In Watcher’s Keep, the level with the last seal has 3 paths/tests behind a ghost and the cursor just never changed into the enter/door symbol. I couldn’t enter any of those 3 rooms (I have a very dark memory of this already being the case in the original, all those eons ago). I could only progress by using an older savegame, then the rooms were accessible. Lucky.
During Hexxat’s quest, the lich didn’t die, which again, made completion impossible (in this instance it’s not even possible to go somewhere else and continue playing there – not that this would be a good, satisfying idea). Thankfully enough people were suffering from this, so there was already a file available for the override folder.
I ran into the next wall when I tried to follow Melissan to the Throne, thus ending the game. The necessary option just wasn’t there. After some desperate searching for a possible solution, I found out that Neera‘s quest regularly doesn’t complete properly (and this keeps the option from showing). To circumvent this, I had to activate the console and

if this C:GetGlobal(“OHN_TOB_PLOT”,”GLOBAL”) returns 14, then it’s the Neera quest bug and entering C:SetGlobal(“OHN_TOB_PLOT”,”GLOBAL”,15) sets the quest to completed

I could end the game. Honestly, I expected better after the massive 1.3 patch, but at the same time all the show stoppers were solvable without too much trouble. I also had the feeling that all banter stopped triggering at some point. In one scene Imoen talked about her situation as a Bhaalspawn and I had to reload shortly after, but then this scene never “repeated”, nor did subsequent conversations appear. That’s really sad, given how much flavor this adds.

“The rest” of the games was also rather solid. Given how much content they have, some trouble is easy to forgive (then again, it’s now 16 years after BG’s release!).
Overall it felt as if these games never ran better. I’m trying to say I’d still prefer the Enhanced Editions. Unless there are some very specific mods, that won’t work with them, that someone absolutely wants, they are the better choice to experience the entirety of Baldur’s Gate again.

PS: What happens to poor Cespenar, when the pocket plane stops existing at the end of ToB? No one even says goodbye to him, that’s just rude!

PPS: Steam tells me I had it running for 136 hours (I know, right?) and although I’m sure lots of it must have been moments when I just alt-tabbed out of the game (it takes like 1/100 of the resources Firefox needs :P), I’m astonished at how this game managed to reach this length without having players collect stuff like shards and mosaics. Oh right, with quests, story, loot and characters… :) Now I couldn’t be more ready for Pillars of Eternity!

[1] Baldur’s Gate: Siege Of Dragonspear – On Mods, Publishers And The Future Of Baldur’s Gate


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