If you come to think of it (62)

Poor Gamlen! I always thought Hawke and the mother were total douchebags, to stay in his house and whatnot when they needed to, but left him behind once they could move back into this freaking huge mansion. Of course they should have invited him to come along (especially after the event with the mother, he should have been asked) and if the game would have offered this option, I most certainly would have.
Sure, for some reason the game is trying to portray Gamlen as a total dick, but the fact of the matter is, that he made it possible for Hawke (and family) to earn a way into the city, he could have told them to fuck off just as well – he didn’t. Not to mention that he allowed all of them to stay in his house free of charge, although the mom/his sister never did anything to contribute and only constantly complained on top of it all. This always bothered me.


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