Still less lensflares than in JarJar's Star Trek movies!

Contrast is a nice “little” game that somehow reminded me a bit of Brothers. It’s proof that smaller budgets can (let’s say) inspire (:D) ideas that large(r) budgets would have crushed. This game uses a really nice style, in which only silhouettes are shown for most characters instead of typical 3D models. The practical reason behind this was, that it would have buried this company to do full models for everyone, but it then helped to shape the whole tone and story of the game. They still managed to get the most out of it. When I played it, I never thought that anything was missing and I was very happy with their execution.
The only thing that really could have needed some more elaboration is the ending, but sadly this is almost normal in the gaming realm. Most of them are about the journey and not an awesome resolution at the end.
I got the edition including the soundtrack, which was the right call. The music is as memorable as the game. I’m hoping a sequel is out there lingering in the shadows (I apologize for this) and will come out into the light as soon as possible.


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