Deus Ex Human Revolution Director’s Cut

Maybe they will get it right in the movie!

DXHR was one of the most memorable titles of the last years for me. Some places, especially the Detroit hub reminded me a lot of Vampire Bloodlines (even the music in the background), which was maybe the only game that I finished like 7 times. So it’s no wonder DXHR is exactly my cup of tea. I bought and played the game right when it first came out and later got The Missing Link. I didn’t immediately buy the director’s cut when it came out, because there didn’t seem to be much incentive for me to do so, even as a fan. There was also the part, that the added value seemed to be around the corner of game additions that other companies dole out for free. If not below that. But with me wanting to replay the game and never having played the director’s cut, it suddenly started making much more sense to get the DC for this playthrough. And this is one of the few scenarios in which it makes sense to play the DC instead, because there really isn’t much (noticeably) new or different for everyone else.
There is only one thing wrong with the implementation of the commentary, during cutscenes the audio of the game and the commentary is always played simultaneously, which makes it hard to listen to either. The game doesn’t pause or offers any possibility to still follow the story – so activating commentary is really only for people who have already played it before. During normal gameplay it’s much much better and it’s no problem to place Jensen somewhere safe and listen to the commentary in peace.
So I’m happy to report that at least the commentary, as the sole really new feature, delivers. The devs who speak their piece are great folks who have interesting info to share. It’s exactly what I, as a player, want to hear when I’m accessing such an option. Hearing all these nice little tales, it became even less of a mystery to me, why I like this game so much. If they™ ever were to make a movie (and yes, I understand that it was only their mantra-like joke), these people should be included.

[1] DXHR Dev Vault: Level Design Philoshophy (Part One)

[2] DXHR Dev Vault: Level Design Philoshophy (Part Two)

[3] Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Graphics Study


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