Wasteland 2

Since I already wrote down pretty much every bug I encountered in my entire playthrough, I won’t have to say another negative word about this game. Because there is nothing else that’s dragging it down. I finished the game and I’m sad it’s over, because I would have loved to keep going. I measure Kickstarter projects almost solely by checking if they lived up to their initial promises (and if I wouldn’t like those, I just wouldn’t back in the first place). This one fulfilled all of them. Easily. I could go back to the first video of the KS campaign and would only see confirmed how they nailed the pitch.

All the central elements were very much to my liking. The writing, even the graphics (and I only say even because I read too often people didn’t think too highly of them). From the first scene it’s obvious they nailed the tone necessary to make this setting feel great. I also can’t underline how successful the element of the radio was used in the game. It was the perfect utilization of voice in a game that’s mostly based upon text (which I prefer for this type of game). It’s better than the audio podcasts/voxophones in BioShock and that says a lot.

The character work in there might not be the deepest I’ve ever seen in a game, but what’s there works, is memorable and certainly effective. It must have been, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recall so many of Ralphy’s dumb one liners. Seriously, this guy comments on absolutely everything, it’s glorious! :D
In some of the conversations I actually paused and thought for a few moments before answering, because some of the bad guys actually came up with decent points. Even the Witcher games never really got me to do that and they too specifically aim at only throwing players into rather ambiguous situations. Here their motivations are quite solid.

What’s there left to say? Everyone who was disappointed when Fallout 3 was first person has to play this. This game has everything. Tons of weapons, items, quests, characters, locations, choices, intrigue, FUN, exploration, endings, a 1000 different references, […] – seriously, what more could anyone ask of such a game? Let’s get real here.

As soon as the dust settles and a patch has come out, I’ll play it again from the start. It’s that kind of game that I want to play more than once.

PS: The only reason I don’t have that many screenshots this time, is that I was so involved/absorbed/engaged in playing, that I usually forgot to make them…

PPS: More custom portraits for Wasteland 2:




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