Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

I’m so proud of myself, that I managed to cut the screenshots of Trip by about 75%, because that initial amount would have been totally creepy! So, with that out of the way…

Originally, I had already given up on ever playing Enslaved, because for some reason it was only available for consoles and I always leave it to Mr. Moneybags, to get every single system out there just to have access to every interesting game. Imagine my joy when it – totally out of the blue – was ported. Like, for no reason. This joyous boost was easily enough, to carry me through the few parts I didn’t like that much. :P

A major plus of such “late” ports/releases, is that they often come complete with all DLCs/expansions included. Enslaved is no exception. There is a rather lengthy campaign about Pigsy, taking place before the events of the main game. Pigsy’s Perfect 10 is to Enslaved, what Burial at Sea Episode 2 is to BioShock Infinite. It’s not just offering a different playable character, it also has new gameplay mechanics. They made an effort, is what I’m saying. It’s always easier to simply offer more of the same. But their work paid off. A little too melancholic for my taste, but maybe that was the only way to stay true to the material they were working with.

Although the story of Enslaved kinda wrapped up, I don’t think I fully understood it (assuming there are no holes in it). Given that Pyramid wants to enslave all the survivors, why are the mechs attacking and killing anyone they encounter? The mechs at the end were clearly working for Pyramid. Are there several competing groups of mechs? And who controls those? Are the mechs that attack all humans automated “leftovers” from whatever event that destroyed civilization? But even if that is the case, why isn’t Pyramid then fighting those adversarial mechs, that clearly endanger his plans of putting all survivors into his simulation? It should be his goal then, to protect all humans, instead of allowing them to be slaughtered.

I’m kind of doubtful that this port will help in making a sequel a reality (if that was even in the cards), but at least this cool game might thus reach a larger audience. Would be deserved.


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