(Goodbye) Bulletstorm

Ever since MS announced that Games for Windows Live would be removed from the face of this Earth (only to be already followed by another digital gaming service closure, Gamesload), it was to be expected (=inevitable) that at least some games would automatically bite the dust alongside with it. A few lucky ones like the first two Batman Arkham games (Origins was Steamworks from the start) and BioShock 2 would be patched to escape that fate, but everything else…
Unfortunately Bulletstorm is among the games that were simply forgotten by their makers (or so it seems) – a game that offered one of the best FPS experiences/campaigns in the last few years. Seriously. Bulletstorm did and was, what Duke Nukem Forever tried/wanted to be but ultimately failed at.
With the reliance on a now unsupported component like GfWL, it’s only a matter of time until something won’t work anymore – and I wouldn’t hold my breath for a project like ScummVM to jump into existence to compensate for that.
A few people here and there are still trying to play it down, like it’s no big deal, because it could still be played without multiplayer (something that dies off first in most older games anyway), but the fact that Steam has already removed it from the shop speaks volumes.


Bulletstorm disappears from Steam, apparently as part of Games for Windows Live’s death throes


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