Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Normally, short, so easy there’s no chance in hell of getting stuck (and the like), are factors I dislike and thus make me judge games harsher (it certainly made me sigh at Broken Age) – not so this time (so love my ability to make sentences hard to understand!).
Brothers is such a beautiful, engaging title, it kept me prisoner for its entire duration (of ~4 hours). The name-giving 2 brothers don’t even speak in an actual language, but all their mannerisms are obvious enough, to let the player know what’s going on. I even liked the controls, although they force the player to use a gamepad. :P Both brothers are controlled simultaneously, each with one of the sticks and the triggers are the action buttons, that suffices to best every situation.
They also managed to make achievements (of all things) somewhat worthwhile, because all of them are only triggered by doing optional stuff – a nice twist.
Almost from start to finish, the game made me realize I’m not all dead inside (yet), by letting me feel emotions. Weird!
All of these things wrapped together, make me think that it’s unreasonable to be asking for more in a game.
I honestly can’t think of someone, I wouldn’t recommend this game to. People who don’t have gamepads perhaps. But those could buy one.

PS: Some people on the Steam forums talk a lot about bugs in this game, whereas I didn’t encounter any. Only mentioning this, because I was so surprised.


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