Burial at Sea

Now, I’m really on the fence if it was a good idea to add to the ending of the main game, which made much more sense (than you would something like that expect to) and wrapped pretty much everything important up.
Though my opinion might be colored by the fact that it’s so fucking depressing*, the BaS ending isn’t so clean this time and not only because it’s THE end.

Melancholic thoughts aside, BaS is incredible in everything concerning art and atmosphere. Right now I’d even say it’s almost unparalleled in it’s endless detail (as far as such games are concerned). Batman Arkham City might be a good example of another game, that really understood it to polish almost every last corner of its game world. It’s also not very often, that a DLC is hardly distinguishable from the main product in terms of production quality. Normally those are done with less people in less time and it usually shows in one way or another (or several :D).
That isn’t even taking into consideration their crazy stunt of warping episode two into a full-blown stealth game with all its typical mechanics. Extensive overhauls like that are usually held back for a full sequel and aren’t (this reminded me of my very fond memories of Mysteries of the Sith) “wasted” for such expansions (especially for DLC it could be a first, super-rare at least).

Introducing the 1998 mode, the year in which the original Thief by Looking Glass was released and all, is really nice. Games hardly ever have so much substance to draw from. It’s like people who miss it lack one of the senses. :P
BaS is a strong finish and thus even sadder goodbye for Irrational Games, which will cease to exist after this (or only in its current form?). The reason for me, to pre-order Infinite (so I wouldn’t buy it in a sale), was that those guys would keep making such games and now that’s exactly what won’t happen. Or at least it won’t happen anymore in this constellation.


BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Part 2 Review – Revising History

Listen to full songs from BioShock: Infinite’s Burial at Sea DLC

The Extended Songs of Burial at Sea

PS: What’s flying through my head now, is that Levine might have ended it this way, so that she would be “protected” from being used again by someone else, possibly in some half-assed spin-off. :P

*Remember Star Trek 7 (:D), where Kirk would rather die in reality than live forever in paradise, if it just meant he could make a difference, even if only for one last time? Yeah…


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