South Park: The Stick of Truth

I can’t think of another game right now that looks exactly like its source material. South Park really pulled that off. I read somewhere their goal was, to make players feel as if they were in (or part of) an episode of the show. Judging it by this idea, they totally nailed it (I’m wondering if they will start using this engine to produce the show now :P). The game draws its content from all years of the show and constantly throws around references. That too goes far beyond what such games usually manage to deliver. Anyone who is a long-time fan of the show, must feel right at home.
The sole big thing I hated about this game, was that there are some parts that require button-mashing of a sort, that threatens to break whatever controller the player is using. :P Seriously, why are so many devs putting this stuff in their games? It’s not fun nor skillful to punish a button. And that’s really it. I can’t come up with any other relevant negative.
The combat system might take some getting used to at first, but it offers so many crazy animations for all the various attacks, it’ll certainly make up for it.
It’s also the first Obsidian Entertainment game that didn’t have any noticeable bugs (okay, Dungeon Siege III was also very bug free when I played it). I mean I love their games, all of them, but usually they have too many bugs in their initial versions. This one never did anything to disrupt my fun. I could fully immerse myself.


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