Broken Age Act One

It’s not easy to describe Broken Age, because on one hand they collected the money by exploiting everyones nostalgic feelings for classics like Monkey Island 2 or Day of the Tentacle and then made an adventure that’s almost nothing like those, but on the other I kept playing Broken Age without ever wanting to stop and it felt good to see this project become an actual game.
At first (I backed this on the first day of its Kickstarter campaign) I wasn’t too impressed with the art style, but I ended up liking it quite a bit. They obviously have very capable artists, I was amazed at how much work was put into the animations. Some might say it’s a weird choice to polish this aspect so much, but… maybe this is just a direct result which showcases where this developers biggest strengths lie. I also played The Cave and despite it being a download title with smaller budget, its animations were quite noteworthy as well.
The voice acting surprised me too, it was top-notch, nothing I would have expected at that budget. Unfortunately I know way too little about such projects to judge, if this means they blew way too much money solely on the voice actors.

So far I liked Shay’s part more, it made more sense to me and, of course, spaceships! The story seemed interesting enough, although it’s hard to tell how good it actually is, with only ~50% of it available. Honestly, it could still go either way. I guess it’s good that I never really expected to get much more out of this than a rare documentary of Tim Schafer’s folks making such a game and then perceive the actual game as a bonus. From that perspective it’s all pretty great.


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