Shadow Warrior (2013)

As far as I can tell, there have been a number of remakes/reboots in the last year or so, of old franchises. Often I felt like they didn’t really have anything to do with the originals, except for their bare names. With Shadow Warrior it’s different. Throughout the game I thought numerous times, that the devs had at least played the original Shadow Warrior. Good for them! And good for us, because that’s probably one of the reasons why this game doesn’t suck. It’s maybe not the best thing in the world, but it delivers pretty much everything a shooter of this kind promises to. I don’t think that anyone would be disappointed by what we’ve gotten here, if you’ll just go into it with realistic expectations. But why else would anyone want to play Shadow Warrior in the first place?

What I missed a little bit, was that they didn’t manage to (or maybe they didn’t want to) get the original voice back, which was a lot funnier/crazier than Lo Wang’s new one. A game this far out there should be treated like that. The new voice is alright though.

There’s even a story, but it was nothing that engaged me much. I was more interested in exploring the rest of the game, than finding out what would happen to any character. I can’t say that I rooted for anyone. Now that might make it sound more dire than it actually is, a game like this doesn’t need any deep story after all (although, of course, having one is always cool), nor would most people expect to find that here. So… this can’t take Shadow Warrior down. It is, however, one of these games that have a much stronger start than finish (“You’ve got the touch” is an awesome song!). Regardless, I for one will be interested in what the future might hold for Lo Wang.


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