Minerva’s Den

I was never amongst the people who perceived BioShock 2 (OMG, only rehashing stuff I already said years ago :D) only as a quick cash grab, because of the originals huge success. Although it is a cash grab, it’s also a good game. Sequels can never exactly do what their originals did, that’s why it’s a sequel and I don’t hold THAT against them. Another reason why I think it’s unfair to simply condemn BS2, is even its story DLC, Minerva’s Den, is all you can ask for in such a context. Other than Irrational Games did with Burial at Sea (where they made the effort to create next to everything anew), MD reuses most assets. MD now shows how you can still end up with something worthwhile.

I wanted to play Minerva’s Den for a really long time but never did, because it’s DLC and Games for Windows Live was always weird. :D It all changed when Microsoft decided to kill GfWL and 2K was so generous to not only patch out GfWL, but also give MD to all BioShock 2 owners for free… So all I had to do was to grab the manual from my retail version and use the key with Steam. I was so happy I had bought this “Rapture Edition”. This way I got a lot more out of it, than I’d ever expected to.

The way Tenenbaum vanished from the main campaign was always unsatisfying to me, so I was glad to learn where she ended up. Opposing Force and Blue Shift both proved long ago, that it’s possible to create decent expansions even when using different protagonists. MD is another fine example of this and delivers an entirely self-contained adventure. I would have disliked any sort of cliffhanger here, so this is very welcome. Anyway, big thanks again to whoever is responsible at 2K for making sure this gem didn’t die because of GfWL, it would have been a damn shame.


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