Movies that didn’t suck (41)

the world's end

How come that almost all of the Star Trek movie actors are frequently in solid films, just when you put them all together, to make another Star Trek movie, it sucks? :P Anyways, Simon Pegg (and of course the countless other people who worked on this thing) continues to amaze and entertain with this movie. I usually don’t read up on movies before I see them, so I knew nothing (except that Pegg and Frost were in it) and I think this helped to enjoy it more. It’s often lighthearted fun/general silliness and yet it still has some serious undertones, that make it into something more than just some forgettable flick. The way the ending was handled, reminded me a little bit of Cabin in the Woods and that too, was great. Always nice to see some courage to deviate from common formulas.


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