Remember Me

Remember Me - 0065

We’ve all read the articles “fighting feels like shitty batman” or “although memory remixing should have been the focus, it was heavily underused” (4 times in the whole game I think)… But what I never saw, was any description that did the beauty of this game proper justice. Because that’s actually one of the major hooks of this game. Most locations just burst with incredible details and many prompted me to stop for a while, to just look around. Moving on right away feels like a crime. Their artists hardly could have done a better job. I wish I could do anything remotely similar to this. I’m reminded of Binary Domain, another game that was so stellar in the art department (amongst other things) and yet players usually had to run super-fast through all the levels. Sad!

This game would have been an ideal candidate for the type of structure a game like Deus Ex: Human Revolution had. I’m talking about these hub cities, that allowed free roaming/exploration between major story missions and which featured at least some characters, players could interact with. For me, those points were the sole real letdowns of this game. The story was alright, handling too… It’s the game ending without a word about most of the characters one meets during the adventure and about whose fate nothing is revealed. This other memory hunter must have been pissed, IF she ever learned that Nilin only remixed her memory to make her believe her husband was dead (and frankly he NOW could be, because she certainly stopped paying the bills for his treatment after thinking he was gone). BUT NOTHING. I guess this is what is to be expected, if a game has to be “actiony” above all. Boring me probably would have ended the game in this bar of Nilin’s friend with them having a drink (they seemed to be on friendly terms and he should have wondered what became of Nilin).

Whatever the case may be, I’d love to play a sequel, because anything like this, with some improvements thrown in (something I somehow expect from sequels), can only result in another good (or maybe even great) game. And of course no one should miss this game because the developer might have spent less money on marketing than some others.


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