leaking like crazy

Indeed, if they spent half the time investigating Obama’s Big Brother operations that they spend sneering at Snowden and Greenwald, Americans might demand that the government stop spying on them.


What’s really annoying to me, is how NOW most folks are like “yeah, no surprise, I always TOTALLY knew it ALL!!! I can’t even express anymore how NOT surprised I am!!!”. Right. That’s not how I remember it. After years of calling people lunatics, tin foil hat freaks, paranoiac whatevers and even worse things, it’s disappointing how people can’t even admit their former convictions. It’s strikingly obvious (is this already a pleonasm?) how there are, right now, zero people who didn’t always know. :D This way no one has admit to anything stupid, let alone apologize for anything. Quaint. So funny how everyone is always on the right side. Or was, when you talk about it. Later.

They are still so very easy to spot though. It’s those dickish fools who are saying that it’s not that bad and quite alright with them (because they are too stupid to understand and imagine ANYTHING). AND that no one would be interested in anyones stuff either way. Ouch. Because, you know, that’s always how you demonstrate that you don’t want and need something, by taking it all without exceptions. And since all inner workings are secret and obscure, no one really knows, how long (or short) the path from the inevitably intercepted and analyzed communication really is, until it is suddenly put on a kill list (something apparently lots of folk are allowed to do). :P I also won’t make the case here (anymore), why your freedom is already gone, when you have to be afraid to make a statement that could trigger some filter or algorithm or whatever. Everyone who’s not an idiot is always/automatically aware of that.

It’s (the dudes who now always knew) even worse than this embarrassing disinformation crap, where media outlets only talk about and focus on the leaker, while conveniently overlooking the entire leak. Awesome! Because – we can’t have that. Right? RIGHT?!? But the fools still have no reason to be sad now (sadly they never do), because it’s still the original sin to approach the whole debacle from an angle like “the criminals should be prosecuted, not the people who revealed the crime”. So it’s all good, “fascism” still wins. :P

Also not forgotten, how ugly it really is, that these demagogues use this “we’ve always known” to make it sound normal (and don’t you dare claim this is only coincidental!11!111!!11!!!). And no one complains about things that are normal. So shut the hell up! Why should anyone criticize something that is normal? STOP TALKING ABOUT IT ALREADY! WHY DO YOU THINK WE ARE ASSHOLES FOR DOING THIS?!? Just be honest to yourself, you know why. :P

btw: All of this is also a prime example that movies, games […] have almost no influences on people, like some idiots or other (idiots) often claim. My generation grew up on countless dystopian books, movies and games, where the heroes (yes, the awesome, good protagonists) fight people who pull shit like that (who are the bad guys because they pull shit like that). That doesn’t inspire anyone to have a more enlightened/alternative view on current things. Nothing is gonna happen, except growth – to prism and tempora, because that’s what programs like these always do: GROW. Yay!

PS: Now that we know they also listened into private EU business (where your friends and allies apparently become downgraded to nothing but targets), the EU should just grant asylum to Snowden or something. But since all of them are nothing but major pussies, absolutely nothing is going to happen – ever. If anyone would have the slightest morals or whatever type of value system left, that would be the least they could do, to show it’s not all over. If they can’t (or won’t) stand up to this, they’ll never again be able to stand up to anything. Because for realZZZ, what would have to happen… Exactly. This is it people.

PPS: I’m also disappointed, that this issue wasn’t even mentioned at any gaming site I saw. I never expected it to be a major headline. I mean, all major games now have (often even) massive online features and too often enforce (permanent) connections. You’d think… It’s not like gamers aren’t automatically affected by this. The only thing that popped up on my radar, was that Steam introduced trading cards (great timing), which puts another layer between things and produces a hell of a lot more data inside the Steam cloud. As if there wasn’t enough already. Ignorance is bliss.


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