Far Cry 3 – Blood Dragon


Although I couldn’t help myself but to think “Everybody knows you never go full retard.” AT FIRST, I still have to praise what they did here, simply because it would have been so much easier, to just throw out some half-assed “more of the same”. I almost expected they would just try to exploit the very popular (Far Cry 3) character Vaas (until he was no longer cool), but they clearly withstood this all too common urge and got creative instead, by developing this spin-off. And that’s just it. Blood Dragon is rather short, but there’s still plenty to enjoy here. Given that we live in a world with tons of shitty (and yet pricey) DLCs, Blood Dragon is hardly amongst the worst (that doesn’t sound as positive as I hoped it would). A lot less (fun/content) for a lot more (money) is so much more common, than the mix that is Blood Dragon.
Actually I would like more developers to pick this route, of going totally crazy with such a follow up. No one saw this one coming. And that too, doesn’t happen very often. Saying it’s just a skin for FC3 is really unfair.


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