Mass Effect 3 Citadel

Whoever is capable of acting like the horrible ending disaster (sadly some seemingly out of touch folks are still acting like they don’t get it) never happened and doesn’t exist (and this is key here) will find enormous amounts of fun here, nothing else is seriously weighing this DLC down. It takes off as a light-hearted, humorous mission followed by the party I already missed at the end of ME2 and offers a new area on the Citadel that can deliver several hours of amusement, if everything is explored.

The whole thing bursts with cool references and is very rewarding for the fans who know everything about this series inside out (this is definitely the audience which will be able to get the most out of this). I had to wonder the whole time why they didn’t create content like this right away, since they obviously can do it…

Realizing this DLC is a successful fanservice through and through, there are only few things missing. Kelly Chambers is now officially the most neglected (of the bigger) characters in ME3, given that she is never added to the memorial wall if she dies (although unknown crew members who never had a line are – weird) and even in this elaborate DLC she won’t be invited to the party. Legion (or some sort of legacy of his) is also completely absent, I felt like a backup/message (he had prepared just in case) wouldn’t have been any more unrealistic than the messages from Mordin or Anderson – I expected something like the files the Shadow Broker had on him. Given the massive amounts of great content in this huge DLC, it’s still surprisingly easy to forgive. Oh, and I was a little bit disappointed that the historical scenes shown in the council archives were all rather boring, none offered new revelations – disappointing because it’s hard to believe that there weren’t more interesting events that could have been utilized here when there really had to be tons of those.

Citadel left me quite happy, finally fans got something they really wanted even without BioWare giving us the finger like they did in the refusal ending that was added with the extended cut. It’s pretty damn close to the goodbye, long-running series (like this one) deserve. If I ever play ME3 again, it will be because I’ll be looking forward to this part of the game the most.


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  1. I know this is a few months late, but I wanted to say thank you for acknowledging the fact that my favorite non-Squadmate, Kelly, was more or less completely forgotten. Also, I almost got into a spat with the Bioware Community Manager on Twitter when she tried to excuse the fact she wasn’t there by the fact she was either dead or ‘in hiding’.

    Yes, I’m still a tad bitter about that.


  2. I agree, that’s quite the weak excuse, given that Kelly isn’t in hiding anymore during the events of the Citadel DLC. At least she wasn’t in my playthrough, I even went there to check if she was standing around with her new haircut (she was). They simply dropped her because they thought she wasn’t important enough (or maybe they couldn’t bring the same voice actress back?).

    It would be interesting to read a “behind a scenes” to learn why some characters were skipped. But they probably wouldn’t deem it politically correct, to publish such things. Sad.


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    […] spin, involving the beloved characters. Even Mass Effect 3 managed to do this quite well with its Citadel DLC. What Farewell does instead, is end on the most traumatic event in the life of the main character, […]


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