BioShock Infinite

“Historically speaking” I always loathed escort missions. I don’t remember exactly what game put me on this road. Probably an RTS, where some transport always got killed, no matter how hard I tried to keep it alive. Usually these game-“AIs” are so bad, that they run towards their doom without hesitation and only a very frustrated player is left behind. Even co-op games aren’t often that much better, although the so much smarter human players could do wonders. Usually one of them tries to do his own thing and doesn’t care for the game’s objectives or something. BioShock Infinite is NOTHING like any of that. I never felt like I was escorting Elizabeth through this game, but even so it took me quite a while before it hit me: actually it’s Elizabeth who is escorting the player. It was like this moment in Lost season 1, where Locke lies on the beach after the crash and suddenly moves his foot in this scene you’ve seen before, but this time you’ll understand what it actually means, that he couldn’t walk before. I don’t think any game has ever done that. It becomes unmissable – after first teaming up with Elizabeth and then being separated at some point, it’s quite the difference to be alone again and I was only pressing on to get towards Elizabeth again. This is THE thing about this game and as far as I’m concerned they succeeded.

What players got here is still so worthwhile, that I can easily forgive all the wasted potential. I mean they had to release the game at some point. And it certainly was expensive enough as it is.

Directly after I finished the game, I bought the season pass, which was the first season pass I bought in my life. I don’t hold those in very high regard (ouch, understatement), I think they are much worse than any Kickstarter project (both collect money before delivery), because those at least describe very carefully what they intend to do. Future DLCs promised by such passes are usually entirely unknown and could be the worst crap ever. Right now I’m just a little sad that it’s not even known when the first DLC can be expected. In the meantime I’m planning to play the game again, but I’m still delaying until more patches come out, because finishing right before major improvements become available will only make me mad. :)


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