Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 8.1

v8.1 27.06.2012

  • +Restored third person Thaumaturgy animation, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • +Fixed tutorial guard Humanity issues and getting stuck with Gimble.
  • +Added Fortitude, Potence and more particles, thanks to Entenschreck.
  • +Restored private dance for Misti and Beckett leaving the warehouse.
  • +Improved new idling and new bats, thanks to Entenschreck and Malkav.
  • +Restored Andrei scene and Presence effects, thanks to Entenschreck.
  • +Moved new Gary poster quest items around to prepare for library map.
  • +Improved poster quest logs and canceled Vandal quest on paying him.
  • +Added missing Animalism particles and update to Ash’s Leopold quest.
  • +Restored an Ocean House ghost sequence and missing tutorial sounds.
  • +Added Blood Eye as Purge partial resistance, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • Improved cameras of Nines’ intro, roof exit and epilogue cutscenes.
  • Fixed claws usage in gallery, Hallowbrook Hotel and Grout’s mansion.
  • Corrected Yukie and Pisha dialogue issues and restored Nines’ line.
  • Restored Venture Tower bodies after Sabbat attack, thanks to Malkav.
  • Removed illogical first SM quest info and fixed minor text details.
  • Fixed impossible warrens start location and teleporting at junkyard.
  • Added cfg and scripts for modding, thanks to Dheu and EntenSchreck.
  • Restored three more histories for each clan and minor level details.


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