Syndicate (2012)

Alyx Vance always kinda reminded me a little bit of Rosario Dawson and she certainly would have been my first choice for an HL movie. Now, with Syndicate, there’s a game in which it’s actually her voice and likeness. Yes.
Syndicate is obviously something that is easier to like for people like me, who never played the original game, that belonged to an entirely different genre. Why this is even done (re-using old franchise name for entirely different genre) is a little beyond my comprehension, considering that either you know the original and then hate what they’ve done OR you don’t know the franchise at all and won’t care about the game more than you would for an entirely fresh entry. But here we are. The shooter is solid and doesn’t have any severe weaknesses, but the same can be said about its strengths. Running through the levels often feels like being a tourist, it’s not very involving to do so and the story feels like pretty much the same would happen without the player character being there. The reason why I care at all, is that it is one of the games, that could have been great, not just mediocre.
The gameplay is not just running and gunning, the protagonist has some abilities that are useful during fights and are sometimes necessary for solving some minor riddles which would otherwise block progress.
I think that people who are totally into the genre and play every okay-title belonging to it, should be happy with Syndicate. Whoever filters more severely (for whatever reasons), probably shouldn’t feel like missing a highlight, if skipping this.


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